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Our Employment Specialist - Slade de Lacey

 Slade qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and immediately specialised in Employment Law. Slade is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and a qualified and accredited civil/commercial mediator. After ten years of dealing with the full spectrum of employment disputes Slade felt it was time to establish an organisation that became involved at the earliest stages of human working relations rather than just at the end when the relationship had broken down. Since then his insight and adeptness at dealing with Employment Disputes has helped our clients avoid difficult situations and enhance the success of their organisations.

Simple changes such as putting bespoke contracts and policies in place and replacing outdated or general ones that do not relate to the organisation any more can strengthen foundations.By improving recruitment practices, working on retention of staff through training, development and reward structures Slade helps employers put in place the structures that prevent disputes happening in the first place. But even with the best employment practices, disputes can arise and Slade is adept at advising, mentoring and supporting Managers, HR managers, Directors and Employers through each stage of a dispute.

Right Approach HR is an organisation that does what it says on the tin. There is a right way to deal with difficult staff situations. There are rules and regulations galore for employers to follow. Dealing with disputes can feel like crossing a legal minefield. Right Approach HR takes all of that into account, when you have a challenging situation with your staff. We will help you find a solution ensuring you comply with the law and using wisdom gained from handling many disputes. We help you approach the challenge so that you achieve the best outcome..

Our mission, is to help your organisation achieve it's purpose, by helping you optimise your relationships within your organisation. The relatonships in your business are fundamental to its success.No matter what challenge you face, big or small, we can help you get the right result.