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HR Consultancy Services

We are experienced in both public and private sectors, and we enjoy the challenge of responding to the needs of small businesses or large organisations. We take a partnership approach, working side by side with clients as a fully committed member of the team providing the HR expertise.

To ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency we like to offer a range of options and can train you and your staff to undertake routine HR tasks in the future. For an overview, our HR Health Check delivers a revealing analysis of your HR practice and systems, highlights any gaps in good practice and shows where changes are essential to ensure that you comply with legislation. All services are available as stand-alone options or in any combination and our goal is always the same: to ensure that our services deliver long lasting, tangible benefits.

Benefits include:

•    An HR strategy that supports your business objectives.

•    Increased confidence: knowing you are compliant allows for better
     decision making. Confident managers and supervisors lead their teams effectively.

•    More time to manage: efficient, well implemented HR systems take up less time.

•    Lower costs, higher turnover: Best HR practice can reduce costs, minimise 
employee turnover, retain experience, skills, expertise, and improve productivity.