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Adverse Weather Policy - Winter 2018

Recent spells of wintry weather and snow have led to friction between employers and employees. Questions about health and safety, travelling to work, working from home, and payment during business closure due to adverse weather conditions, have created difficult tensions in many workplaces this March. The cold weather is set to continue through out March according to Met office weather forecasts.

Rather than providing generic advice which might not work in every workplace we are providing our clients with bespoke policies for dealing with their unique challenges. If you would like us to help you put an adverse weather policy into your staff handbook simply call or email us or send us a message via our,“contact us” page and we will contact you.  

We recommend that if you have not done so already, that you put a clear adverse weather policy into your staff handbook. If you already have one, and it does not deal with the issues you face, it is then time to reconsider it and update it.

Establish a Strong Foundation

Contracts of Employment

Do you have contracts in place for all of your staff? The Employment Rights Act 1996 lays down a legal requirement for an employer to give every employee a written statement containing the  terms and conditions of their employment within 8 weeks of them starting work. This can be provided in the format of a Statement of Particulars or an Employment Contract. This requirement applies to full time or part-time employees.

Do you have a Staff Handbook?

Once contracts are in place, many businesses compile all their “staff policies” into one comprehensive handbook which can also form part of the contract or it can be non- contractual.

As legislation changes, so does the amount of information and guidance employers/employees need. Staff Handbooks tell the employee much more about the company including summary details of its personnel and employment policies and procedures. It would typically include policies about: Maternity and Paternity rights, Age and Retirement, Smoking, Harassment and Victimisation, Discrimination and Diversity, Disciplinary and Grievance issues, Sickness Absence, Poor Performance, Change Management HR Policies and Procedures, Capability, Appraisals, Home-Working, Sickness & Absence Management and any other bespoke policies you require.

With our experience and expertise, we can create and compile an effective Handbook for your business, putting everything into one place and keeping it up to date as the law changes.