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Flexible Fee Structures, 3 Options:

1, Pay As You Go:

Our flexible fee structure is designed to suit a range of needs and support our extensive range of services. If the matter is urgent and you simply want advice, actions and a solution then the flexibility and speedy response of our Pay-As-You-Go scheme delivers HR support and advice as and when needed.
•    Costs are estimated on a case by case basis and quotations provided prior to any work commencing.
•    For simple requests which need a quick response, we offer solutions determined on a 15 or 30 minute basis. For face to meetings, drafting letters or emails, we quote at an hourly rate.
•    If in our judgement additional work will be needed to deliver the results you want, we will explain why, furnish you with full details of the work required and projected costs. We will then wait to begin until we receive appropriate authorisation.

2, Annual Retainer:

Confidence and Support. A yearly retainer offers you one hour of advice or support per month, or its equivalent, at a fixed price for one year. The agreement is renewable on a yearly basis.

•    You can access the 12 hours of support and advice at any time during the year.
•    You will receive a twice-yearly newsletter to keep you up to date.
•    You can purchase additional HR support at a discounted hourly rate when you need it.
•    If you do not use your 12 hours within the year you can convert each unused hour into a training credit hour for a member of your staff and we will provide the training required.

3. Project Contract

Under this scheme, you can access our HR support and solutions for specific projects and we quote accordingly on a project by project basis.

•    We will work with you to define our remit and project outcomes and ensure your business goals are supported.
•    We estimate costs by the day and the quote will clearly break down the activity to be undertaken and the number of days that required for completion.